A fresh approach

Decades of knowledge and experience in the commercial lighting industry, combined with our proven technical expertise, ensure our customers will get the best possible lighting installations, wherever they are in the world.

You can find Multiload products at high-profile venues from the Picasso Museum in Malaga to London’s Marriott St Pancras Renaissance Hotel – and in installations as diverse as hotels, clubs and restaurants, concert halls and studios, museums and galleries, places of worship, palaces and private residences, shops and exterior landscapes.


Multiload have created
a reliable and user-friendly
lighting control, in keeping
with the exacting
technical requirements of
a Dolby® EX installation.
We are delighted.

Greg Marshall
Technical Director, Spool

Lighting specialists

We design and produce an exciting range of electronic control systems, dimmers, LED and incandescent drivers for lighting professionals. Our products are user friendly, easy to install, simple to maintain and incredibly reliable. They are, quite literally, ‘fit and forget’ solutions.

We have a fresh approach to lighting control

Our philosophy is to keep things simple, and so we have created unique electronic circuitry for lighting controls. Our entire product range of sophisticated scene-setting systems, lighting controls and drives is dependable and incorruptible.

Bright ideas

We’re always researching new ideas and adding functions to our existing products. For us, it is important that the end user can follow simple procedures that are easily understood and be able to see, feel and touch our controls. The electrical contractor can install our products using existing standard skills without the need for specialist knowledge.

Customised products and innovation

As lighting specialists we can work with you to develop your ideas, advise on specifications and installation, create customised solutions, help with project management and ensure best electrical practice. Each Multiload installation seeks to achieve optimum operational life, combined with cost-efficiency and low maintenance.