Dimmable Control Gear

Multiload built its reputation on drives and control gear such as the award winning VoltMaster. We have continued to develop our product range to anticipate changes in lighting technology.

Multiload specialises in drivers for constant current LEDs (LEDrose) and specialist transformers for 12V and 24V AC low voltage tungsten halogen lamps and compatible LED replacement lamps (VoltMaster).

All Multiload drives can be placed great distances from the light sources which eliminates the need for drive products to be positioned in the ceiling. This offers designers far greater creative freedom and makes maintenance far easier, more cost effective and less messy for contractors and end-users.

Dimming is via a 0-10V or 1-10V signal from Multiload’s Rotary Wall Dimmers or MoodMaker Scene-setting System, or other manufacturers’ products. DALI and DSI interfaces are available.

LEDrose is a multi-outlet driver for constant current LEDs. Using the Constant Current Reduction (CCR) technology developed by Multiload, LEDrose dims all lamps in unison smoothly and consistently down to zero, without any flicker or strobing, and can be positioned more than 100m from lamp sources.

VoltMaster is the world’s only true stabilised power supply for 12V and 24V AC low voltage light sources, such as tungsten halogen or compatible LED replacement lamps. It dims smoothly to the barest ‘tell-tale’ level and is proven to greatly increase lamp life.

TechPacks, containing comprehensive specification, installation and wiring instructions, are available for all Multiload products. These can be downloaded from individual product pages or from Technical Information, found in the products section.