Take Control Unit TCU100 and Take Control Rotaries TCR


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Take Control Unit TCU100 and Take Control Rotaries TCR

Dimming-control unit with up to four push-switch rotary dimming modules

Take Control delivers superior dimming control from up to four rotary modules that make rotary dimming and switching possible from any chosen position in a room. Together, they enable extremely smooth dimming with effortless control of LEDs or other light sources


System components

DIN-rail mounted Take Control Unit TCU100
Up to four Take Control Rotary Units TCR


Technical specification
Installation and setting-up procedure
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Wiring diagrams
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Take Control Unit
Take Control Rotaries

  • Unique dimming-control product, enabling rotary dimming and switching from up to four different locations – ideal for use in large areas with more than one entrance, such as hallways or bedrooms with bedside controls
  • Take Control Rotaries TCR are designed to work with Take Control Unit TCU100 and fit into UK manufacturers’ plate and grid systems
  • Gives exceptionally smooth dimming, while LEDs and other light sources can be controlled effortlessly, even at low levels
  • Adjustment of minimum and maximum brightness levels is easy
  • Allows any rotary dimming module to switch on at pre-selected brightness levels (for example, minimum brightness at night), by turning the selected rotary to desired position before switch-on.
  • The four rotary dimming modules can be wired up in rooms or throughout buildings, using only 2-core cable (low voltage) to dim and switch (on/off) single lighting circuits. They enable retrofit use in many instances
  • Has unlimited building-block capabilities, enabling complex standalone dimming and switching applications (see System Building in TechPack)
  • Versions can be tailored to meet specific needs, such as global commands, different dimming curves and other options
  • Please enquire about compatibility with international plate systems
  • When any Rotary (TCR) is adjusted by more than 10% of its range, it will ‘take control’ of the TCU100’s output dimming signal. This signal then reflects the TCR rotary control knob position
  • The lighting circuit can be turned on or off by pushing in any TCR rotary control switch
  • Take Control Rotaries (TCR) can be connected individually using just two wires. The voltage between these wires is less than 10V and the current less than 1mA, so low-voltage cabling can be used
  • Take Control output varies between 0V and 10V. The dimming control range is factory set to 1V and 10V. If this is not suitable for a specific application, it can be adjusted (see installation and setting up procedure in the TechPack)
  • When used in conjunction with Multiload dimmer products, Take Control will operate mains-dimmable circuits (leading-edge or trailing-edge, see Related Products)
  • Square-law dimming is standard. Please contact us if a different dimming law is required
  • Power consumption is extremely low
  • Requires 15V power supply (see Related Products)
  • Meets all relevant safety standards and is SELV-compatible