Graham Blyth


Edward Clare
Challow Design
01235 764243


Interior Design Consultant
Robert Lush RIP


Lighting Consultant and Installation

Ben Pearce-Higgins
020 7483 2253


Product Used
8 x VMD300/12
2 x LRM

Challow Park Recital Room is a magnificent, new, private recital hall in the home of Graham Blyth, the organist, pianist and conductor. It was designed as a dual-purpose personal music room and a small recital room for chamber concerts seating 70 people.

Challow Park Recital Room
Photography Nik Milner

The lighting brief was to address the multi-functionality of the space; provide consistent, reliable, high-quality illumination; and to ensure absolute operational silence.


Absolute operational silence and dimmability to suit the room’s multi-functionality.


Project Details
Because the need for total silence (specifically the absence of any possible transformer, dimmer or even lamp hum) dictated the need for long secondary cable runs of over 30 metres, VoltMaster was selected as the only product capable of responding to the challenge and still provide stabilised voltage of 11.8 RMS at each lamp. Furthermore, the need for a sophisticated dimming system with simple operations was fulfilled by using dimmable VoltMaster in conjunction with two Multiload Rotary Modules, and a low-voltage switching option for each zone connecting it to one or other of the modules. This allowed division of the space into “stage” and “audience” in a variety of ways, from a large ensemble to a solo recital.


The Result
“The brilliant and even illumination throughout, especially effective over the maple floor, is achieved thanks to VoltMaster’s sensational power delivery system, creating a warm, pleasant atmosphere in the whole room.”  Ben Pearce-Higgins.


“As a performance space, the musicians have excellent visibility and the audience can enjoy reduced light levels wherever they are thanks to the precise dimming controls. The lamp-life has been stunning -– only 2 lamps out of 44 have failed over a four year period – and they are on every day! I am told that this is because of the soft-start and the stabilised voltage, but all I know is that I don’t worry about it  – ever. I assume it is always working and it always does. This client is very happy.” Graham Blyth

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“The lamp life has been stunning - only 2 lamps out of 44 have failed over a four year period - and they are on every day! The client is very happy”

Graham Blyth