Design support

Very few lighting designs are straightforward. However by careful planning, exciting, innovative and successful designs can be realised, sustained, and importantly, economically maintained.

Multiload recommends that you involve us right from the outset to ensure that you achieve the best results.

We offer design support – to whatever level you may need

Specification advice

We give telephone support on issues such as cabling, compatibility, positioning and safety.

Product wiring diagrams

We have produced detailed wiring diagrams for each of our products (including related products). These can be found in the product TechPacks.

Dedicated wiring diagrams

If dedicated wiring diagrams are required for an installation we will produce room by room wiring diagrams for which we may charge a small fee.

Customised solutions

We work alongside you to give you the right tools for the job. This may involve modifying existing products to include additional features or to design new products for specific applications.

Project management

We have many years experience, both in the UK and internationally, and will support a project at any stage through to completion.

Site visits

Site visits can be arranged, anywhere in the world, for which we reserve the right to charge.

Multiload have been a pleasure to work with and David was fantastic in helping us to resolve problems on site, working flexibly and at short notice to fit into a tight programme and operating happily within the confines of the sensitive environment of a national museum.

Helen Jacobs, Project Manager, The Wallace Collection